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  • baralak : I added a Captcha system to the login, and registration.. we were already getting some good russian
  • admin : Hey Bill... Try it now.. it should be right.
  • Bill smith : Sorry i'm so late replying... wilcoxweedpatch is my geoname
  • admin : Hey bill... what is your Geocaching name and I'll change it.
  • Bill smith : I registered with my real name, not my caching name. Is there a way to change that?
  • Bill smith : Good to see you up and running
  • baralak : Soo who all's made it here?
  • baralak : Hey Hey Bamboozle!!! Welcome back
  • Bamboozle : Glad to be back
  • Lsufan : Just checking
  • baralak : Welcome one and All
  • Joe Holland : welcome all to north louisiana geocachers
  • Joe Holland : Sweet!
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Greetings and welcome to the forum!!! 


This website, has been online since 2005 when LSUFan and Baralak wanted to enhance the geocachers in Northeast Louisiana.. Since, it has grown to encompass the entire North Louisiana Area.  We have a bunch of good stuff coming.. so hang on!