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Welcome to North Louisiana Geocaching!!!

This site is dedicated to the North Louisiana geocaching community as a way for everyone to learn about the sport and to promote geocaching in a safe and ethical way. This site is also for all geocachers to exchange views and advice with each other by using the forums link, which is located at the top of this page. Please feel free to join our website, which is maintained by local geocachers who want to share their passion for the game with everyone.

Geocaching is classified as a sport that crosses age and occupation barriers. People of all ages enjoy searching for geocaches across the world. In fact, around just the Monroe/West Monroe area alone there are about 265 geocaches located all over the the area. Lake D’Arbonne State Park in Farmerville has 28 alone inside the park and right around it. Geocaching is a great activity for your family!

Geocaching can be a family event, however it is also a social group that hosts geoevents all over the world. The North Louisiana Geocachers generally has their events at one of the larger parks. In the past we have used Kiroli Park in West Monroe, and Lake D’Arbonne State Park in Farmerville.

What is this?

OK, I have found this site, now what exactly is this geocaching?

In short, geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt game utilizing global positioning satellites (GPS) to locate hidden containers (aka caches) that were placed out by other game participants. It is a family friendly game that encourages persons of all ages to get outside and visit places they may never ordinarily go. The premier website to search for caches in this area is This is where all our local geocaches will be listed. You will need to register at their website to begin your hunt.

For a more thorough explanation on what GEOCACHING is, make sure to click on the frequently asked questions link below

Day Trips around the area

We are going to try something new, to use this part of the site to showcase cache sites that we think others may enjoy visiting and finding the geocaches located there, but are easily accessible in a single day road trip. 

GCDCA6 Gilbraltar of the West

GCHZBB Tour Vicksburg (Multi)

GC2AF5Y Vicksburg Riverfront Murals

These three caches are located in one of my favorite geocaching towns which is Vicksburg, MS.

Gilbratar of the West is located at the Old Courthouse, and make sure to plan to spend time there touring it.

Tour Vicksburg is a fun multi, and one I patterned another local cache after.

Vicksburg Riverfront Murals is another fun multi, but is a premium member only cache.

There are plenty of other caches in the Vicksburg area, as well as the great National Battlefield Park located there. There should be plenty of stuff to do and see while there.

Meet and Greet

The North Louisiana Geocachers Saturday luncheon is now held at the Cheniere Shack Restaurant located on Hwy 80.

We try to meet every Saturday for lunch at 1:00ish at The Cheniere Shack in West Monroe. It’s an open invitation for any/all geocachers to stop by and chat, eat, and all around socialize. Feel free to stop by and join in. Depending on how many we have, will dictate on where they seat us. The owners said they would do everything they could to accomodate us and make sure we all sit together. Just ask for the geocaching group when you show up.

Here are the coords to Cheniere Shack.

N 32 31.100
W 092 14.572