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Why you never camp without propane alarm
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TOPIC: Why you never camp without propane alarm

Why you never camp without propane alarm 10 months, 1 week ago #16674

I ran across this tragedy while doing research on something else. I decided to post it as reminder on why you should never disconnect your propane detector, and to always make sure it is in working order. It just takes something as simple as the following accident, and it's over.

Please do not take this thread into other things, nor be disrespectful to the people involved. Hopefully, this will make us take pause and remind ourselves how fast something can happen....and that is the reason we are posting this. We all want to stay around and be able to geocache and camp.

I know I have personally bumped my stove and accidently turned on the gas when carrying a big box by it.



The accident occurred during the early morning hours of January 2, 2000. Earlier in the prior evening, Emery Thibodeaux and his girlfriend, Carla Credeur, hosted a small gathering at Emery’s camper on the Acadiana Campground. Emery’s parents, Anatole and Ella Mae, as well as Matt and
Laura Cormier attended. Ms. Credeur stated that everyone was standing in the kitchen area or seated at the dinette table. She remembers Emery and Ella Mae Thibodeaux leaning against the camper’s stove. The party broke up some time around 10:00 p.m., and Emery and Carla went to bed.

At approximately 10:00 a.m. the next morning, Emery awoke and told Carla he was going to the restroom. He left the bedroom then returned to get a cigarette lighter. Emery went into the kitchen area to smoke. Carla stated that she then heard a loud noise followed by Emery calling her name. When she got to the bedroom door, she saw that Emery was on fire. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed himself and Carla. The couple then exited the trailer. Emergency personnel arrived and transported both of them to Lafayette General Hospital. They were then transferred to the Burn Unit at Baton Rouge General Hospital. On January 8, 2000, Emery died from the burns he sustained.

Fire investigators discovered that one of the knobs of the camper stove was in the “on” position allowing propane to fill the camper. The propane then combusted when Emery lit the cigarette lighter. Subsequently, it was discovered that, at the time of the investigation, the wiring connecting the propane detector to its power source was disconnected. Carla told the investigators that Emery did this while on a previous camping trip because the alarm was activated by Carla’s hairspray. The investigators believed that the detector remained disconnected;

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Re: Why you never camp without propane alarm 10 months, 1 week ago #16681

The alarms of different types have improved in the past few years. They still may give a false alarm once in a while. Better that than not going off when they should.

They also have expiration dates. I know the most recent fire alarm I bought is good for ten years so they just placed a ten year battery in it. The carbon monoxide alarms are only a few years. I just replaced the one in the travel trailer.
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