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TOPIC: Roller coasters!

Roller coasters! 4 years, 1 month ago #15509

Hey guys! Today I will be talking about roller coasters ever been on one? tell me about! leave a post or comment about it please peace out.

Roller coasters! part 2 4 years, 1 month ago #15511

Well Well Well I am making a part 2. I have never been on a roller coaster but my sister wants to go to that small amusment park in Arkansas so since they have roller coaster that gets me thinking. hmmm this is a tuff one.Ummm maybe just once because it does do twists but not loops:sick: most people have been on a roller coaster but not me.I do not want to sit with my sister because she will laugh like every other ride that I scream on lol. Hopefully I will not throw up. ever been on one?tell me about it! leave a post or comment below peace out

Re: Roller coasters! 4 years, 1 month ago #15516

MC I used to love that kind of thing but now I am too O_________. Fill in the blank.

Re: Roller coasters! 4 years, 1 month ago #15517

You'll have fun. I still like the wooden frame ones because of they have a good sound resonance and lurch slightly under the stress. The last time I rode the Great American Scream Machine (6 Flags Atlanta) they had it rigged to do the course backwards. The ones that go upside down are usually very smooth because they need rubber rollers pressing against the steal frame on both sides. This results in a smooth ride. The inertia keeps you planted firmly in your seat and doesn't shake you up like you might expect. Of all the ones from New York to Dallas, my favorite assortment is at Hershey, Pennsylvania. This is also my favorite amusement park. At last count I think they had eight of them. The worst one I ever rode was at 6 Flags, New Orleans. It's shut down now, but when you exited the ride, you felt like you had been in a fight.
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