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  • TitusLlewelyn : Hello World!
  • baralak : I added a Captcha system to the login, and registration.. we were already getting some good russian
  • admin : Hey Bill... Try it now.. it should be right.
  • Bill smith : Sorry i'm so late replying... wilcoxweedpatch is my geoname
  • admin : Hey bill... what is your Geocaching name and I'll change it.
  • Bill smith : I registered with my real name, not my caching name. Is there a way to change that?
  • Bill smith : Good to see you up and running
  • baralak : Soo who all's made it here?
  • baralak : Hey Hey Bamboozle!!! Welcome back
  • Bamboozle : Glad to be back
  • Lsufan : Just checking
  • baralak : Welcome one and All
  • Joe Holland : welcome all to north louisiana geocachers
  • Joe Holland : Sweet!
Louisiana State Parks Ap
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