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  • New country souvenir, Peru, with Geocache of the Week: Letterbox-Peru: Salkantay Pass! January 16, 2019
    Letterbox Hybrid GC3QM6Q by enaus Difficulty: 4 Terrain: 4.5 Location: Peru S 13° 20.816 W 072° 33.756 Today we release our newest country/regional souvenir, Peru! If you have found a geocache in Peru, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile.  Peru is known as a megadiverse country that includes lush jungles, alpine highlands, glacial...
  • Three geocaching challenges to know about January 15, 2019
    The Fizzy Grid, Jasmer, and 365-Day Challenge. No, these aren’t a bubbly drink, a southern gentleman, and the answer to a 1st-grade math problem. They’re statistic goals for the seasoned geocacher! But what exactly are they? Read more to find out. Fizzy Grid The Fizzy Grid will test your mental skills, then your physical skills,...